some day at pool in Elmore jr. high there was clayton. clayton tell story to gumball and darwin. clayton tell "some night in the midnight, there was a mistery creature in the pool of elmore jr. high. there was a super big creature there. then he ate all thing in our live. the name of the creature is grizzly." gumball and darwin was very scared. gumball went home than gumball and darwin never wants go to school again. then nicole go to there school then nicole check all the school then nicole was eaten by the grizzly creature. gumball and darwin wait all time. the gumball going to clayton`s clay house. then, gumball said "is that right about the grizzly creature in the pool ". said gumball. then clayton said" YES" yesterday i saw that creature.

then gumball call the doughnut sherrif. then doughtnut sherrif keep searching. then doughnut sherrif is eaten. then the grizzly monster is destroy elmore.gumball, darwin and clayton is hit the monster.richard and anais was very panic. then richard and anais was eaten too. they failed then they call hector and tina for going t the pool of elmore jr. high. then tina saw the grizzly monster at the pool of elmore jr. high. then tina and hector was eaten.l gumball scream as he can. then purple moose was hear gumball voice. then purple moose search the voice. but, purple moose was eaten too.

gumball and darwin going to granny jojo`s house. because their house was crumbled.. then granny jojo said ' why you here " because our house is crumbled. then we dont have money to splend then the grizzly monster is come then gumball hit as stong he can. then a half people of elmore  is boom. then there was nicole, richard , and anais. nicole said "i think better we livve in granny josephine house "


MADE BY chipmunk2moncil