Gumball and his family are going to New York using car. Nicole free Gumball, Darwin, Richard, and Anais free shopping. nicole give them all $ 100. Gumball and Darwin see Dodge or Dare game. They like it very much. Then Leslie and Penny are shopping there. then Jealously come to gumball again. Then Penny is screaming, citizen of New York was scared with Gumball. Gumball rip Leslie`s petal. then Gumball Throw money to leslie. then jealously is move out from Gumball body. then Leslie in the hospital. Gumball still walking around then gumball see leslie move out in hospital then Gumball see Penny then gumball and penny are kissing. they walking to the taxi. Then the taxidriver is Sal Left Thumb. Darwin is help Gumball get out from taxi. then sal left thumb punch Gumball. then Sal Left Thumb Throw gumball until the bridge. then they back to Elmore. Gumball in elmore hospital., Dr. butt says "you should not go to new york again". then they confiused. then Nicole very mad of gumball the destroyer of NEW YORK. 


made by chipmunk2moncil and his wiki