A Peanut with antlers who is Gumball and Tobias' crush. She has a crush on Gumball, but it's so shy to confess to him. Penny likes Cheerleading and hanging out with Gumball and Darwin. Penny mostly hangs out with the girls at Molly's treehouse, in which Penny is one of the members. Gumball tries to impress Penny or go on a Date with her throughout the series, but it never goes the way he plans, although they have come close to kissing in 2 episodes.


Season 1

  1. The Third (Debt)

    Season 1

  2. The End
  3. The Dress
  4. The Pressure
  5. The Ghost
  6. The Mystery (A 1st Clue)
  7. The GI
  8. The Party (BP+J)
  9. The Robot
  10. The Picnic
  11. The Sock
  12. The Mustache
  13. The Date
  14. The Club
  15. The Ape
  16. The Curse
  17. The Meddler
  18. The Fight

​Season 2

  1. ​The Knights
  2. The Fridge
  3. The Flower