the summer of 2013 the wattersons are going to Bali island, Indonesia. In bali there are have many of shrines and temple with a lot of beach. gumball camp in the Kuta Beach darwin is swimming around the Indian Ocean darwin scare swim at ocean because ocean is to deep. The wattertson rent a jeep. first day gumball and his family going to Tanah Lot. darwin have friend there, the 1st fish name is putu, the 2nd fish name is ketut. darwin while swimming he meet  the eel.  nicole and richard are going to shopping along . granny jojo are have friend there.

second day: gumball and family going to ubud bali there have mountain sigthseeing and gumball dislike there.                 third day it will be a big day because the Watterson are going to take a surfing and take a banana boat there gumball is scare because he is aviophobia(fear of flying) & acrophobia (fear of fall from the tall side) then gumball shout as he can " HELP..!!!!!! HELP..!!!!!!!" gumball shout . Nicole didn`t help gumball because nicole wants gumball is brave. then gumball angry. then nicole is angry the banana is stopped. then nicole chase gumball. nicole said you dont aviophobia & acrophobia you must be brave darwin is still swimming stopped he give counsel to gumball then gumball still freaking away, granny jojo how to do. granny jojo must take all rabbit of watterson then they must hit gumball. then jealously is coming again he brake the hotel there. then nicole hit gumball as he can. then they happy they are play along the beach. next day they going to uluwatu. richard are scare with monkey because theyre have many monkey then the monkey take grany jojo`s glasses then granny jojo cant see anything well then nicole buy an presbiopi glasses. nicole carry richard up becaude richard id fear of monkey. next day the watterson are picking up for back to Elmore. 

In elmore the Elmore Jr high are make a big party for gumball back