Gumball anais 174x252

A prout deep down, he actually loves her, and knows she's always right. Although impatient with her brother, she often tags along with him on his misadventures as a voice of reason. She also helps Gumball out of any situation. Throughout the show, she has shown to have traces of her mother's short temper.


​Season 1

  1. The Responsible (Debt)
  2. The Third
  3. The Debt
  4. The End
  5. The Dress
  6. The Quest
  7. The Spoon
  8. The Painting
  9. The Ghost (Screaming Cameo)
  10. The Mystery (Photo Cameo)
  11. The Prank (Cameo)
  12. The Kiss
  13. The Party
  14. The Refund (Cameo) Anais As Little Jimmy
  15. The Robot
  16. The Goons
  17. The Secret
  18. The Genius
  19. The Poltergeist
  20. The Mustache
  21. The Date
  22. The Club
  23. The Wand (Photo Cameo)
  24. The Ape
  25. The Car
  26. The Curse
  27. The Microware
  28. The Helmet
  29. The Fight

​Season 2

  1. The Remote
  2. The Knights
  3. The Fridge
  4. The Halloween